Author. Peak-Performance Expert. CSP.


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Author. Peak-Performance Expert. CSP. 

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Reach the peak of your career as a corporate executive that has its own set of demands and responsibilities. Create simple and pragmatic solutions that will help you coach your managers to be high performers and learn how to motivate and coach each other!

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Renowned peak performance expert Chris McIntyre has given workshops and trainings to Fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized business, and non-profit organizations. Know more about what Chris has developed for business leaders and professionals like you.

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This top-shelf program will be tailored to help you, and each member of your team, work more effectively individually – and together. Chris’ process, constant motivation, challenging coaching, and world-class content will pave the way.

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About Chris

Chris McIntyre is a productivity specialist and accountability expert who has trained over 200,000 professionals from Fortune 500 companies globally. He’s the author of the powerful new leadership book “The Roadmap to Freedom.”

Chris McIntyre is known internationally as a peak-performance expert. He graduated from Penn State with a BA in Business and also holds dual MA’s in HR Management and Development. As a Captain, he led strategic planning efforts for the Air Force’s busiest F-16 Fighter Wing during 9/11. He started his San Diego based speaking business in 2005.

He’s worked with the best leaders globally from Fortune 100 organizations on Wall Street to the United Nations, and from the NCAA and Lucas Films, to top CEO groups like Young President’s (YPO) and Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO).

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